Boston Newspaper Reports on Bear Hill’s Successes

BOSTON, Ma. —  The Boston Herald reported in a story about nursing home performance that Bear Hill Rehabilitation and Nursing Center was one of the top-performing nursing homes in Massachusetts, based on its repeated history of top scores during evaluations by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

The article wrote that “Administrator William E. Ring Jr. said one of the keys to running a successful nursing home is supportive ownership. Bear Hill is owned by Commonwealth Management.”

In quoting Administrator Ring, the article said “‘It really starts there and everything follows. You have to have ownership that gives you the tools to do the job,” he said. “We have a very liberal budget. The philosophy is to do what’s best for the people entrusted to us first and hopefully good things will happen.”

Bear Hill also has low staff turnover. Ring, who has 38 years experience as a Massachusetts nursing home administrator, and the director of nursing have worked at Bear Hill for over 20 years. Management heads are “out and about,” in the facility, which ensures quality care, he said.

“We have a management team that’s very much hands on with high visibility and high accessibility,” he said. “That’s one way you get in compliance. You have to be out there and paying attention to what’s going on. They prepare every day.”

In addition, Bear Hill does not employ temporary workers to augment the 220 full-time and part-time employees. However, the center does have a partnership with a local nursing college program.