Family Tree: Summer 2021 Newsletter

Dear Family & Friends, 

Bear Hill Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center would like to take this opportunity to recognize our incredible team of Certified Nursing Assistants. The past year has introduced challenges unlike any other in healthcare history, and our frontline workers have faced tremendous obstacles with courage and heart.

In an era of fear and uncertainty, our CNAs demonstrated commendable strength and dedication. They showed up every day, choosing bravery and compassion over fear and consistently demonstrating their dedication to our residents. Their integrity is both astounding and humbling and represents a fine example of what it means to be a healthcare worker.

Our CNAs hold one of the most difficult jobs not only in healthcare but in any profession, and they continue to work with pride, compassion, and dignity. The first smiling face that our residents see when they arrive at Bear Hill, our CNAs become our residents’ most trusted advocates during their time here, and the ones holding their hand during their final moments.

CNAs often don’t get the credit and recognition they deserve, and at Bear Hill, we hope to change that! We have the utmost respect for our team and all that they do for us and our residents. Please join us as we recognize and appreciate our CNAs. Their courage and commitment do not go unnoticed.

Warmest Regards,


Summer Fun!

With the beautiful summer weather here, there have been lots of fun events happening at Bear Hill Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center. Our Bear Hill family has been reveling in the fresh air and sunshine! We took time outdoors to enjoy the warmth and admire the beauty of the season, taking in all of the beautiful flowers and the chirping of the birds.

Our residents have gotten their creative juices flowing, spending some time drawing and painting to create some beautiful pieces of art. Who knew the Bear Hill family had such a range of creative talents?

In honor of CNA week, we took the time to express our gratitude and appreciation for all of our hardworking, kind, outstanding Certified Nursing Assistants. Bear Hill wouldn’t be what it is without your help and smiles, and we’re proud to have you on our team!

We also took to the grill to celebrate the Fourth of July, with an awesome red, white, and blue BBQ that left everybody smiling and feeling proud of this great nation.

Happy Fourth of July from us to you!

Recent Celebrations 


At Bear Hill we celebrated Mother’s Day in style, showing special appreciation to all of our amazing moms. Each special mom received a flower as a token of our love, and even Elvis came by to entertain our residents! We enjoyed the beautiful weather, great music, fantastic food, and the wonderful people and families.


In honor of Memorial Day, we arranged a Drive-By Parade and Concert for our residents. We’re proud to be the home of active-duty veterans from WW2, Korea, and Vietnam wars. Thank you for your bravery and all that you’ve sacrificed to keep our great country the “land of the free”.


We featured a series of fun events to celebrate Nursing Home Week this year. All of us at Bear Hill enjoyed some delicious and refreshing ice cream from Sweet 16 Ice Cream, to thank our residents for making our little family so wonderful!

Our staff enjoyed a beautiful lunch together in appreciation of all that they do each day to make Bear Hill #1. Our residents were treated to another amazing concert by 99-year-old Tony, this time coming to perform a beautiful rendition of “Young at Heart.”

We had a super sweet day filled with delicious popcorn, cotton candy, and s’mores around the bonfire. Our talented residents played guitar and we all had a blast. We wrapped up Nursing Home Week with Casino Day, a Bear Hill Tradition . . . Congratulations to all of the lucky winners!